FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes

FEBT's main purpose is the representation, defense and promotion of the interests of its members - transport companies or auxiliary and complementary activities thereof -, providing them with those services necessary for their sustainability and development.

FEBT wants to be the organizational / associative reference of the Balearic Islands and national in the road transport sector.

Customer orientation
We focus our efforts on the satisfaction of the partner, providing solutions and competitive services and quality.

Ethical conduct
We act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty, respect and equal treatment of people.

We encourage the participation and involvement of everyone. Sharing work and illusion.

Interest for People
We promote a respectful work environment with our employees and we take care of their training and professional and personal development.

Social responsability
We assume our corporate social responsibility, and contribute with our work, commitment and creativity to the improvement of society

Security and health
We bet decisively for the promotion of a preventive culture that has its basic pillars in occupational safety and health.

We firmly believe that it is possible to reconcile economic development with respect and care for the environment.