FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes
The FEBT offers its members a new Security Advisor service.
The FEBT has reached a collaboration agreement with Raul Soliva (Security Adviser MM.PP.) for the provision of the Safety Advisor service for the transport and loading and unloading of dangerous goods to our associates.
Raúl Soliva specializes in the provision of technical consultancy service in the field of security adviser in accordance with ADR regulations.
According to the RD 97/2014 by which regulate the operations of transport of dangerous goods by the Spanish territory and the ADR in its: Art. Any company whose activity involves the transport of dangerous goods by road or the packing operations of filling or unloading related to these transports will designate one or several security advisers hereinafter referred to as "advisors" for the transport of dangerous goods in charge of help in the prevention of risks to people the goods or the environment inherent in these activities.
The intention of this, is to put at your disposal a range of services specially tailored for you, in the business line cited above and the most professional advice, thus avoiding incurring in possible penalties established in the LOTT ranging between € 4,000 and € 13,000 in the simplest cases.

For this it is offered:
 Advice and procedures in compliance with regulations
 Carry out a continuous training program.
 Coordinate with the fuel distributors and / or waste managers.
 Documentary simplicity
 Procedures with the competent bodies
 Evaluation of the facilities
 Elaboration and presentation of Annual Report to the Ministry of Public Works

More information:
Raul Soliva
tel: 679 481 665