FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes

FEBT welcomes its Transparency Portal, in which the information whose knowledge is relevant to guarantee the transparency of the Federation's activity related to the operation and control of its public performance will be published periodically and updated.

FEBT wants to show its total commitment to transparency in all aspects of its management, as the organization has been doing and as it now confirms with the application of Law 19/2013, of December 9, on transparency, access to public information and good governance (the "Transparency Law").

The transparency of public activity, including access to information on the activities of business organizations, is a determining need in the current social, political and economic context of Spain.

FEBT has the firm intention of expanding and reinforcing the transparency of its public activity, which is demonstrated with the implementation of this area of transparency, available to our associates and society in general.

The President and the rest of the members of the Executive Board and Executive Committee of FEBT do not receive remuneration for their position.

In accordance with the Annual Accounts, the total remuneration accrued in the form of allowances and salaries in the year 2017 by the members of the Executive Committee of the Federation amounted to an amount of

The figures for fiscal year 2018 will be provided once the accounts have been approved and audited.

At present the FEBT does not receive any type of subsidy

FEBT seeks to provide services that meet the needs and expectations of its Clients. For this, it defines several clear lines of action:

Full integration of employees

FEBT wants its employees to carry out their work fully involved in the activities carried out and in the achievement of the objectives set out within the Organization. For this, it establishes periodic meetings in which the Manager and the heads of the different departments analyze the evolution of the organization and approve the actions to be carried out.

Customer orientation

All FEBT staff is aware that the Client's wishes and expectations are in the spotlight of all their initiatives and activities.

Commitment to the quality of service (satisfaction guarantee).

FEBT ensures that the services it provides are in accordance with the requirements specified by its Clients.

In the case in which the Client indicates the non-conformity with the service, FEBT undertakes to compensate the Client according to the agreed system.

Work quality

Through the rapid detection of defects and taking the necessary measures to alleviate the consequences thereof and prevent their repetition, and the establishment of actions and programs aimed at preventing non-conformities.

Establish beneficial relationships with our suppliers

Likewise, the Quality Policy of FEBT contemplates the selection of the most appropriate providers at any given time, seeking with them a relation as beneficial as possible that allows to provide services with the required quality.

Commitment to compliance with the requirements and to the continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Quality Management System

FEBT is committed to meeting the requirements and continuously improving the efficiency of the system.

FEBT relies on its Organization, to which it transmits this policy and general lines of action, seeking the commitment of all employees with the quality of the service offered to its Clients.

Client orientation and human resources, and the generation of financial resources are prerequisites for customer and staff satisfaction, for the good image of FEBT and to ensure its future.

This Quality Policy will be the frame of reference for the development of the Objectives consistent with it and measurable, which are established in the relevant functions and levels of FEBT.