The ITV of Mallorca will open on Saturdays for carriers


The ITV stations in Mallorca will open on Saturdays for carriers in order to reduce the waiting list before the tourist season begins. This was announced this Friday by the Minister of the Mobilitat i Infraestructures, Iván Sevillano .

In this way, the Consell de Mallorca attends to one of the claims of   the Balearic Federation of Transports ( FBT ), with whom the president met on Friday   Catalina Cladera and Sevillano.

The FBT was very   worried   because of the possibility that they had to start the   tourist season   with vehicles of   public service , such as school transport or dangerous goods, standing or without passing inspection.
Sevillano   has informed that, in principle, the station that will open on Saturdays for carriers will be the   They are Castelló , although it is not ruled out that others do too. This matter will be coordinated by the FBT in permanent contact with the Directorate Insular d'ITV.

In relation to non-periodic inspections , for example those of taxis or agricultural, the minister said that the personnel of the stations have already completed the necessary training, as well as that the number of workers in this service will be expanded. These are measures that will be under way and operational imminently.

In addition, Sevillano has advanced that at the end of the month of March or beginning of April the telematic payment can be made, which will allow the amount to be made at the same time of the appointment, which will make it possible to speed up the payment process of the companies . The cash payment system will also be improved, since the fee can be paid directly to the banking entities without first having to go through the service stations to collect the corresponding settlement document.

For their part, from the FBT they have been satisfied with the new measures that the Consell de Mallorca will implement, since they respond to their requests. They have also described as a breakthrough the drop in rates announced a few weeks ago, which is expected to enter into force at the end of March or early April. For professional carriers, the drop is 36%, both for taxis (diesel vehicles) and for trucks or buses.