Answering the Why and How of the digital transformation


Informative talk at our FEBT headquarters.

"If you don't change, you disappear," "in today's world, the only constant is change,"
“Change is not negotiable, or do you adapt or die”…
The digital transformation of companies is, without a doubt, one of the terms
fashion of the current company. Header phrases are repeated constantly
and they don't distinguish between a company like Microsoft and one of transformed
Aluminum 3 workers.
But it is clearly not the same.
No one can deny the change that is taking place in the business world.
The consumer has at his disposal some technological tools that make
their way of behaving is different from what we have traditionally known.
And that is not neutral for companies.
But it is no less true that this change does not occur at the same speed or with the
same intensity in all sectors or in all companies.
This is precisely the focal point of the talk.
The purpose of this talk, 1 hour and a quarter long, is to explain what is
happening when we talk about change to be able to analyze rigorously and in a way
strategic how that change will affect the company and at what speed. Be
tries to propose guidelines that allow cementing a process of change
robust from the sensibility and that responds to the strategy of the company, that is,
knowing perfectly why it should change and what changes it should make
to make it a better company.

Juan Salvador Iriarte