FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes

We are pleased to inform you that on February 15 the FEBT and BP have signed a global agreement thinking of the partners of the Balearic Transportation Federation (FEBT) to facilitate the use of the BP Professional Cards.

BP Oil undertakes through this contract to provide the services and offer a discount to all companies associated with the FEBT , through its BP PLUS Card (Routex) .


  • Main features and offer of the BP Plus Card:
  • It is a professional credit card for the payment of fuel with monthly or bi-weekly invoicing.
  • The discounts will be up to € 12 / liter and will be determined based on the declared monthly consumption.
  • The members of the FEBT will have the discounts offered at the stations more than 600 stations of the HELIOS BP NETWORK in Spain, being within that Helios network practically all the BP stations in the Balearic Islands

Bank Guarantee is not required, from BP we will cover the risk, only in the case of not obtaining the coverage of the same, another form of covering the risk via bank Guarantee or deposit will be requested. If a bank guarantee is necessary, it will be free, paying the BP expenses.

  • The use of the card can be limited by the chosen code for each 60-64 card.
  • AUTHORIZED card by the Tax Agency for PROFESSIONAL OIL
  • Management and control of fleet consumption via Online Management Services Professional Cards BP
  • Possibility of toll payment via VIA T linked to the card.
  • FREE card without annual fee.

We trust that this alliance will positively affect your company and business, that's why you ASK for information and the BP PLUS Cards contract to the FEBT by calling 971 47 82 00 .