FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes

Course aimed at drivers of transport companies and freelancers who need to renew the authorization for the transport of dangerous goods.

ADR course - renewal

(Dangerous Goods - renewal)

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OBJECTIVE: - To sensitize drivers to the risks involved in the transport of dangerous products.

- Have training and basic information to minimize the possibility of an accident or incident occurring.

- Train drivers to adopt the necessary measures to guarantee their safety and those of the environment and limit the effects of the incident or accident should it occur.

METHODOLOGY: Face-to-face. Practical and participatory.

CONTENTS: 1.- General provisions applicable to dangerous goods (Road Transport, documents related to the driver).

2.- Documents relating to the vehicle and the cargo.

3.- The driver's companion. Regulatory rules for the circulation of vehicles that transport dangerous goods.

4.- Limitations on the circulation of these vehicles.

5.- Conduct that the driver of the vehicle must observe before, during and after loading or unloading vehicles that transport goods.

6.- Purpose and operations of the technical equipment of the vehicles.

7.- Equipment of vehicles that transport goods.

8.- The tachograph.

9.- Main types of risk. State of matter. The fire.

10.- Classes of dangerous materials.



SPEAKER: Autotechnical Driving School.

DURATION: 18 hours.

DATES: October 26, 27 and 28, 2021 .

SCHEDULE: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4pm to 10pm


PLACE: Balearic Transport Business Federation (FEBT). C / Aragón, 215-1º-dcha.

DOCUMENTATION: Clear photocopies of the DNI and driving license, photo. of the ADR, photo. last payroll header.

REQUIREMENTS: Be in possession of the Dangerous Goods card (ADR) within the year that you need to renew it.

FEE: € 180 / student. Companies have the possibility of receiving a bonus. Self-employed exempt from the bonus. (Traffic exam fees excluded).
180,00 €