FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes

CAP course continuous training for goods and travelers

Royal Decree 1032/2007 establishes new mandatory training for certain professional drivers. Drivers exempt from the initial qualification must obtain the first Certificate of Professional Aptitude accrediting having completed a complete continuing training course according to an official calendar, depending on the completion of the DNI number.

No. of students :

FEBT. C/Aragón, 215-1º-dcha.

Directed to:
All drivers in possession of a C license dated prior to September 11. 2009 and drivers in possession of a D card dated before September 11, 2008, who need the CAP card to work.
All bus and/or truck drivers who already have the CAP card and need to renew it.

Comply with RD 1032/2007.


Self-employed partners and unemployed people €200+ tax
Workers of associated companies €210+ tax
Non-members €230+ tax



  • Rational driving based on safety standards.
  • Application of regulations.
  • Health, road and environmental safety, service and logistics.


Photocopy of DNI + photocopy c. drive. (during course 1 photo)

  The lack of a CAP professional aptitude certificate is classified as a serious infraction, art. 140.18 LOTT (2,001 to 4,000 euros) and with the temporary loss of the title of professional competence for transport (transporter title).


As these are limited places, the chronological order of registration will be taken into account. If there are no free places, the student will be placed in another available course.
The registration fee to reserve a place is €20.
The FEBT will process the obtaining of CAP cards. The fee from the Department of Transport (€30.26) for issuing the CAP card will be borne by the student.
Companies that wish to do so (except self-employed workers) can take advantage of Bonus Training.
260,26 €