FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes


The General Assembly will exercise the full rights of FEBT, being its decisions binding on all its members, including absentees and dissidents, saving the judicial way.


The General Assembly will be composed of all the representatives of the member Organizations, in which each of them will have the right to vote weighted according to the current statutes.


The Associations or Member Organizations will be represented, on a permanent basis by their respective President or designated legal representative.


The Board of Directors is the Body in charge of the Direction, Government and administration of FEBT, of the fulfillment and execution of the Statutes and agreements validly adopted by the General Assembly.



The Board of Directors will be composed of:

- The President of FEBT, who is also of the Board of Directors and of the other Collegiate Bodies.
- 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Vice President Menorca and Vice President Ibiza.
- The Members who are the presidents of the groups affiliated to the FEBT
- The Secretary.



The President of FEBT, which is also of the Collegiate Bodies of the same, holds the legal representation of the entity in all orders.

His appointment, which is made in the General Assembly, must fall on a person of recognized prestige in the business world and who is part of the Assembly.

The President will be assisted and replaced in the case of absence, illness or disability by the First Vice President, Second, successively which will be elected by the General Assembly with the same requirements as the President.

The mandate of the President will last four years and may be re-elected.

Rafael Roig Grimalt is the current President of FEBT.
He was re-elected on June 4, 2015 at the Ordinary and Extraordinary General Assembly and holds the position since May 27, 2013.