Traffic will notify transport companies of the loss of validity of their drivers' permit


The DGT is preparing a Draft Bill that modifies the revised text of the Law on traffic, motor vehicle traffic and road safety.

The main novelties that are intended to be introduced with this text are:

  • A telematic system will be enabled that will allow transport companies to communicate the declarations of loss of the validity of the permit of professional drivers who have employees.
  • The infractions that detract points, such as the use of the mobile phone, the lack of use or incorrect use of the helmet, the safety belt and child restraint systems, as well as the excess speed on conventional roads are reviewed.
  • The number of points is increased, from six to eight, which can be recovered by passing the awareness and reeducation courses.
  • The entire balance of points (12 points) will be recovered after two years without being sanctioned.