The FEBT has held a meeting with the General Director of Industrial Policy of @goib, Antoni Morro.


The manager of the @FEBTbaleares , Salvador Servera, along with the vice president Ezequiel Horrach, the vocal of Merchandise, Jero Ferraagut, and the legal advisor of the federation, have held a meeting today with the General Director of Industrial Policy of the @goib , Antoni Morro .

In the meeting, there has been talk about the opposition to the regulations of the #ITV ITV that requires replacing the tires in poor condition with others of the same brand. Our opposition to this measure has been transmitted because it is considered contrary to the Competition.

Therefore, it has been requested that the National Commission of Markets and Competition act ex officio in this matter that undermines the competitiveness of SMEs in the Balearic Islands.

The FEBT sent a survey to the associates and it follows that 67 companies affected an additional cost of 101,000 euros, an average of 1,521 euros. For a merchandise company, 2 trucks amount to 3,500 euros and the bus, 1,100 euros per vehicle