Strike CGT Discretional travelers. Mediation file


We inform you that, today, the FEBT was quoted in the Court of Arbitration and Mediation of the Balearic Islands (TAMIB) before the call of Strike in the discretionary transport by the union CGT (non-signatory of the agreement) scheduled for the days 21,22,23 and June 24. To the same, they have appeared in the offices of TAMIB, on behalf of the FEBT, Salvador Servera (Manager FEBT), Manuel Sanchez (Advisor of the agreement C.Sedanos & Associates) and Pedro Moreno (FEBT advisor). On the part of the organizing union, only three members of the strike committee have appeared, out of a total of ten, which is why, as the minimum number to consider the strike committee constituted in the act of reference does not reach the present ones, making it impossible the mediation process, TAMIB has proceeded to ARCHIVE the proceedings of this file. A copy is attached.


Consequently, the CGT union should now proceed to dismiss the planned strike for the days indicated above, since, otherwise, it would be illegal.

Record file TAMIB Strike CGT 18.06.19.pdf