Dear associate,

We inform you that yesterday a new Balearic Transport Council was held, a representative body for the passenger and freight transport sector in the Balearic Islands. It was chaired by the Minister of Transport Marc Pons, accompanied by the Director General of Transport, the Ministry of Transport of Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera, Chambers of Commerce, etc.

On the part of the FEBT the president Rafael Roig, Toni Bauzá president of Taxis, Ezequiel Horrach president of merchandise, Rafael Nadal president of regular travelers, Pedro Moreno on behalf of VTC and rent a car and Salvador Servera on behalf of CAEB.

From the FEBT, the Government was insisted that measures must be taken in direct aid for the transport sector, since the situation of companies and the self-employed is critical, among the proposals we highlight the following:

  1. GENERIC. Credit lines for the transport sector to provide sufficient liquidity.
  2. GENERIC. Postponement for 18 months of leases, rentings and other financial systems of the vehicles.
  3. GENERIC. Bonuses and / or exemption in the DGT rates for the temporary withdrawal of vehicles as well as in the taxes of circulation, ibi, garbage, fords, ... while the inactivity of the companies / self-employed lasts.
  4. RENT A CAR. Moratorium for rent a car during 2020 and 2021 in the implementation of the climate change law.
  5. GENERIC. Management before AENA so that all transport companies benefit from the 75% discount on the rental of spaces at airports.
  6. GENERIC. Cleaning / disinfection protocols for the sectors of; Merchandise, Taxis, VTC, Discretionary and Regular without causing great costs and investments.
  7. CAB. I distribute to the 2,500 Balearic taxi licenses, of 10 masks, at least and per license, to deliver to taxi users who do not have it when accessing it.
  8. GENERIC. Support to the school transport sector in the requests made; 1 year contract extension, 50% or 75% agreed upon for damages and invoice payments.
  9. GOODS. Intermediation of the Govern before the shipping companies, before the adoption of measures that harm the carriers (Suppression of ships, cancellations, on costs Alcudia, ADR, etc)
  10. VTC. Ban on the VTC of the peninsula to move the fleet / 20% to the Balearic Islands this season and the next.
  11. GENERIC. Establish a feasibility plan for transport vehicles once ITV stations open and the corresponding revisions have to be passed, in order to avoid collapses in appointments.