FEBT Associations Palma Balears, Illes

ASG Trans Balears is a company that began its activity in the year 200, where from the beginning it specialized in legal advice to freight and passenger transport companies and in the processing of transport fines; both nationally and internationally Today, in addition to this advice, it offers a series of solutions designed for transport and logistics companies, facilitating the following services, among other things:


  • Software to manage all data from tachographs and drivers, with various types of reports, notices, lists of monthly hours, allowances, etc... that can be linked to ERP.


  • Devices for GPS tracking and DRT (remote tachograph download), temperature control, etc...


  • Training Courses (Use of tachograph, regulations for driving and rest times, etc.). Face-to-face and online.


  • Mailbox management electronic notifications.


  • Highway payment devices.


  • International VAT recovery.


  • Unlocking of vehicles throughout the European Community


Through the collaboration agreement signed between ASG Trans Balears and the FEBT, members associated with the Federation will benefit from contracting any service that ASG Trans offers.


More information FEBT 971-478200 or administracion@febt.es